REAL is the new PERFECT

Posted by Jennifer Windholz on

Let’s face it, there was a point in time that  I tried to put my best foot forward most days. Now days it’s more like I hope those feet have on matching shoes! 


Life is hard. Period. Why put extra pressure on yourself to be perfect? I mean what is perfect anyhow? Is it perfectly dressed children? A spotless home? Kids that go to bed at a decent hour? Sugar free snacks? A well maintained lawn? If so I’m failing! 

REAL is the new perfect! Accept it! When your kids cry and throw fit, remember they will still want to snuggle and love you at the end of the day! If your kids are getting the four food groups but also eat too many fruit snacks on occasion, it’s ok! If your couch houses more laundry than booties look on the bright side, you have clean clothes to wear! This is life and I have NO DESIRE to try to be perfect anymore. YES, I do delete most of the possible snap chats because I realize I look like a homeless person or I can see in the background my kids’ fort they built 2 days ago has fallen to the ground and still hasn’t been picked up, but for the most part I keep it real! 

Keep it Real because REAL is the new PERFECT! 


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