What’s In A Name

Posted by Jennifer Windholz on

Ever wonder where the name “Happy Creek Chic” came from? Happy Creek runs through my husband’s “home place” (farm in-which he grew up). Back in the day his father started Happy Creek Brangus, now Happy Creek Cattle and Happy Creek Feeders.
I grew up just outside of Happy township and belonged to “Happy Crickets 4-H Club”. Our club met in an old school house just a few miles from where we now make our home. My husband was a Trego Golden Eagle and I was a Hill City Ringneck (male pheasant that is abundant in this area and draws in a lot of hunters annually). Anyhow we didn’t even meet until 10 years out of High School when I was home from Kansas City for our county fair. Six short (and long) months later I moved back and my then bf had purchased a farmstead in Happy township, almost smack dab in between where each of us had been raised. Fast forward ten more years and here we are with three amazing little humans by our side and a t-shirt shop in the basement. I’m sure the hubs didn’t see that one coming!
Chic (NOT CHICK) was added because... well it rhymed and my love for fashion and my adamancy about teaching the world that we aren’t all redneck hillbilly’s out here! 😂 We can wrangle cattle and be CHIC too! So there you have it, now you know!

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